Founded in 1908 the University of the Philippines Diliman is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the rural setting of Quezon City in the National Capital Region. UPD also has branch campuses in Olongapo City & San Fernando City.

The University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) is officially accredited and/or recognized by the Commission on Higher Education. It is a large co-educational higher education institution. The University of the Philippines (UPD) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized degrees in higher education such as bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees in several study areas.

This 111-year-old institution of higher education has a selective admission policy based on entrance exams. To apply for enrollment, international students are welcome.

Undergraduate Degree Programs offered at UPD

Applied Physics
Applied Psychology
Art Education
Art History
Art Studies
Broadcast Communication
Building Technology
Business Administration
Business Administration and Accountancy
Business Economics
Business Economics
Business Management
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Clothing Technology
Community Development
Communication Research
Community Nutrition
Comparative Literature
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Creative Writing
Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Elementary Education
English Studies: Language
English Studies: Literature
European Languages
Family Life and Child Development
Food Technology
Geodetic Engineering
Home Economics
Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management
Industrial Design
Industrial Engineering
Interior Design
Juris Doctor
Landscape Architecture
Library and Information Studies
Malikhaing Pagsulat
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Philippine Studies
Physical Education
Political Science
Public Administration
Secondary Education
Social Work
Speech Communication
Sports Science
Sports Studies
Theatre Arts
Visual Communication

Graduate Degree Programs at UPD

Anthropology (MA, PhD)
Applied Mathematics (MS, PhD)
Applied Mathematics/Actuarial Science (PM)
Araling Pilipino (MA)
Archaeology (Dip, MA, MS, PhD)
Architecture (M)
MA Art Studies (Art History, Art Theory and Criticism, Curatorial Studies)
Asian Studies (M, MA)
Biology (Dip, MS, PhD)
Business Administration (MBA, DBA)
Chemical Engineering (MS, PhD)
Chemistry (Dip, MS, PhD)
Chemical Education (MS, PhD)
Civil Engineering (MS, PhD)
Communication (MA, PhD)
Community Development (Dip, MA)
Comparative Literature (MA, PhD)
Computer Science (MS, PhD)
Creative and Musical Performing Arts (Dip)
Creative Writing (MA, PhD)
Demography (MA)
Development Economics (M)
Early Childhood Development (Dip)
Economics (MA, PhD)
Education (MA, PhD)
Electrical Engineering (M, MS, PhD)
English Studies: Anglo-American Literature (MA, PhD)
English Studies: Language (MA, PhD)
Environmental Engineering (MS, PhD)
Environmental Science (MS, PhD)
European Languages (MA French, German, Spanish)
Exercise and Sports Science (Dip)
Family Life and Child Development (MA)
Filipino: Pagsasalin, Wika (MA, PhD)
Finance (M)
Fine Arts (M)
Food Science (MS, PhD),/p
Geomatics Engineering (MS: Remote Sensing and
Photogrammetry, Applied Geodesy, Geoinformatics)
Geography (MS)
Hispanic Literature (PhD)
History (MA, PhD)
Home Economics (MA, PhD)
Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management (M)
Human Movement Science (MS)
Industrial Engineering (Dip, MS)
Industrial Relations (Dip, M)
Interior Design (MA)
International Studies (MA)
Islamic Studies (MA)
Journalism (MA)
Librarianship (Dip)
Library and Information Science (M)
Linguistics (MA, PhD)
Malikhaing Pagsulat (MA, PhD)
Management (M)
Marine Science (MS, PhD):Marine Biology, Marine Physical Sciences, Marine Biotechnology)
Materials Science and Engineering (MS, PhD)
Mathematics (MS, PhD)
Media Studies (MA, PhD)
Mechanical Engineering (MS, PhD)
Metallurgical Engineering (MS)
Meteorology (MS, PhD)
Microbiology (MS)
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MS, PhD)
Music (MA, PhD)
Nutrition (MA)
Pagsasalin (MA)
Panitikan (MA)
Panitikan ng Pilipinas (MA)
Philippine Studies (MA, PhD)
Philosophy (MA, PhD)
Physics (MA, MS, PhD)
Political Science (MA)
Population Studies (M)
Psychology (MA, PhD)
Public Administration (MPA, DPA)
Public Management (Dip)
Regional Development Planning (MS)
Social Development (DSD)
Social Work (Dip, MA)
Sociology (MA, PhD)
Speech Communication (MA)
Statistics (M, MS, PhD)
Technology Management (M)
Theatre Arts (MA)
Tourism Development and Management (Dip, MS)
Tropical Landscape Architecture (M)
Urban and Regional Planning (Dip, MA, PhD)
Voluntary Sector Management (Dip)
Women and Development (Dip, M, MA)
Wika (MA, PhD)