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Leaders In Higher Education is a leader in higher education devoted to helping young people get matched to the right colleges and careers without taking on a mountain of debt.


We believe in helping people of all ages find the best educational opportunities possible to achieve all their dreams and aspirations. Our goal is to help 1 million people find the college of their dreams by 2025.


Our founders David Krug & Sonia Dellamas has spent nearly 15 years working with higher education websites. Through these experiences a desire to create a website that was non-biased, and a true consensus of experiences of people who attended those universities burned brightly. That’s when he created

Who we’ve worked with

Over the last 15 years we’ve worked with industry leaders such as Education Dynamics, Quin Street, Campus Explorer, and, The Best Schools, College Choice, College Consensus, and many others to create award winning platforms that drove thousands upon thousands of successful enrollments.


CollegeReviews is a team of 3 people with over 25 years in higher education and headquartered in Taguig. The company is 100% bootstrapped, and remains devoted to it’s manifesto.